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17 ways to make money while sleeping

Sometimes it feels like sacrificing your time for money isn’t worth it; wouldn’t it be fantastic if only you could discover how and where to make money while sleeping?

If you want to discover how to make money while sleeping, keep reading for proven methods many people have engaged in.

You may indeed be paid to sleep in certain cases. Other methods help you make money while sleeping but require prior effort to create a cash flow.

17 Ways to Make Money While Sleeping


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In 2018, a reported 1.8 billion individuals worldwide bought products online, with worldwide e-commerce revenues projected to reach $4.8 trillion before 2021

Furthermore, selling goods online will become one of the world’s biggest and most profitable businesses. Retailer e-commerce sales globally were 3.53 trillion Dollars in 2019, with e-commerce sales expected to reach  6.54 trillion Dollars by 2022

If properly set up, eCommerce may be an amazing passive income potential. Though if not designed to be passive, this may require high effort at first before you can sit back and collect an easy check.


Blogging is a fantastic way to make money while sleeping. If you have a love for a concept to offer, you may want to start a blog, publish articles, and advertise your material. You can make far over $1,000 per month if you follow the proper approach.

According to reliable sources, a monetized site can expect to receive $1,000 per month in earnings once traffic reaches approximately 30k monthly page views.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing may be a fairly passive method to earn money. It is a great and common method of monetizing a website or blog.

You generate passive income by selecting a product or service. Then you start advertising the product to your hand-picked audience and earn a commission on purchases made via your links.

Creating passive revenue via affiliate marketing is difficult because you must have a trusting audience.

However, with the proper skills and commitment, you can develop that following on YouTube or via blogging and turn online advertising into a very profitable and passive revenue stream.


Copywriting is yet another easy, profitable, and moderately passive method to make money. You may make the approach more passive, i.e make money while sleeping, by outsourcing the job, establishing an agency, or starting your site and monetize the links visitors click.

With the proper material, you may make more than $1,000 per month in earnings from writing.


Podcasts are quickly becoming extremely popular.  The outlet is great for teaching, entertainment, and exchanging ideas with people all over the world, while also providing the creators with good passive income.

A sponsored podcast may make you over $6,000 per month if you have the proper content and approach.

Placing advertisements, affiliate marketing, memberships, member contributions, selling goods, and other methods of generating passive revenue from your podcast are just a few examples.


Writing and marketing eBooks may be a lucrative source of passive income. You may get money from novels you authored months or even years ago.

To generate passive income, all you need to do is find a niche subject, a target audience, create the book, and distribute it. This may seem to be difficult, however, it is not.</p>

Renting Your Space

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The rental service sector is rapidly expanding because of reasons such as cost, risk, and changing societal patterns. More put, more individuals prefer renting goods and services over buying them. Renting everything from space to cars to personal belongings is possible.

Each participant may profit from the process, which typically consists of a community platform, lenders, and borrowers.

Sell on Amazon FBAw

You can offer your services and goods on many other e-commerce sites in the same way that you do on Shopify. Therefore, Amazon FBA is a viable trend.

Individual sellers may use this service to discover items to sell and then let Amazon manage the marketing and logistics. Amazon will display the goods on their website, handle the transactions with the consumer, and ship the goods.

Invest in the Stock Market

Stocks may be purchased via a conventional brokerage firm such as Fidelity.

If you don’t have enough money to begin with one of them, try “micro-investing” using apps like Webull.

These applications are inexpensive to start, serve as excellent free stock exchange apps, and allow you to gradually increase the money you deposit.

Flipping Things Online

Flipping anything online, from goods to web addresses, may provide a good passive income.

You generate passive income by purchasing goods at a low cost and then advertising and reselling goods at a greater price. You may make up to $1000 per month flipping goods and merchandise on popular sites like eBay.

Start micro investing

 Typical investing is great, but as mentioned, there is another option called micro-investing. Micro investments have grown in popularity in recent years because it eliminates some of the obstacles associated with conventional investing.

If you are unfamiliar with the term “micro-investing,” it is the practice of investing with tiny sums of money, even loose change.

It is typically done via an application, such as Acorns. It’s a wonderful way to get started with investing, but keep in mind that micro-investment implies tiny profits.

You won’t be able to retire on pocket money, but little returns do build up.

Rent out your car

You could have a vehicle, so why not make some money for it? It’s comparable to Airbnb. Apps that allow you to rent out your cars come in handy in this situation. All the app has to do is link vehicle renters with vehicle owners.

Start a Youtube channel

Youtube generally requires a lot of effort upfront. Those high-earning YouTubers did not become millionaires overnight. It took many years, and so it began slowly, as does posting to a blog.

Advertisement, sponsorships, the sale of branded goods, and fan contributions are all ways for Youtube stars to earn money.

It may ultimately seem passive, but the initial time and commitment are significant. However, after things are flowing properly, you can easily make views on your video overnight while you sleep and thereby make money.

Create an online course to sell

the greatest part of selling an online course is that if you like teaching others about things to benefit them, such as running a successful side hustle or increasing traffic to their websites, you will find the setup of a course a breeze.

But a good course is near impossible if you haven’t had more than a few years of studying and applying the information you are trying to teach.

That commitment of time pays off though. After you place your course online, it is accessible 24/7. So, as you sleep you get paid.

Therefore, if you already excel in something, establishing an online course is a fantastic way to generate passive income.

Sell stock photos

Shutterstock, for example, takes your pictures and then pays you whenever anyone uses them.

This is how it operates: When someone purchases access to your picture, you get compensated.

Alternatively, you get compensated when someone purchases a membership to the site and utilizes your photograph. Obviously, they must be high-quality photographs, but this does not imply that you must be a professional photographer.

I know a few great amateur photographers who have had no formal training.

Live-Stream Yourself Sleeping

Users of TikTok are streaming themselves napping in a new TikTok craze. As people watched him sleep, one 18-year-old earned approximately $10. A 24-year-old guy earned $50 by live-streaming his Tesla “sleeping” overnight.

18.5 million people watched a guy sleep on Douyin, TikTok’s Chinese equivalent. He made nearly $4,000 while sleeping.

Viewers love not just watching individuals sleep, but also conversing with other viewers. Do you want to make money while you sleep? Stream it now.

Print-on-Demand  merchandise

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Have a great graphic design or picture that you think would look outstanding on a t-shirt, bag, cap, or anything else? You can easily print it on such things and then sell them. You even have the option of waiting till orders arrive before you have to pay and fulfill them.

CafePress is a prominent marketplace for this, selling virtually everything a design might be printed on. You may also list other people’s goods in exchange for a commission.

In conclusion, there are many ways to make money while you sleep. Often all it takes is some setup time before your commissions come rolling in while you do nothing and nape. This certainly beats a typical 9-5 job.

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