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Learn how to make money online without a store or selling products

Everyone appears to be interested in making money online these days, making competition fiercer than ever. This guru offers classes, another guru has a YouTube channel and sells digital goods, and you’re just getting started. It may be tough to make money online without a product. That isn’t to say it’s impossible to compete.

When you’re just starting started, how do you compete with everyone else offering products? The short answer is that you don’t. You know the old adage, “if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em”? That is true in life, but it is particularly true in making money online. If you don’t have a product – either because you don’t want one or because you haven’t gotten around to creating one – you can still make money online, and I’ll show you how.

Create a blog.

You’ve probably heard it before: create a blog, become wealthy, rinse and repeat! Making money online with a blog isn’t as simple as clicking your fingers. Blogging is not a get-rich-quick plan, but rather a long-term revenue strategy. However, it is a good option for constructing and protecting your financial future.

Choosing a Blog Name

It may be tough to come up with a name for your blog that isn’t already in use. Indeed, some bloggers claim that it is the most challenging aspect of the whole procedure! When picking a blog name, make sure it’s not already in use and that it’s simple to pronounce, spell, and remember. Also, consider how it will seem as a URL… Some words, when placed together, may seem different than you intended!

Questions to ponder:

  • What is your subject?
  • Will you be a lifestyle or specialized blogger?
  • Who is your intended audience?
  • Is it a name that will grow on you?

Niche bloggers often focus on a single subject, while lifestyle bloggers build a brand around themselves and discuss a variety of topics relevant to their lives. Whether you want to specialize down or develop a lifestyle blog with a broader range of subjects is a personal choice, and either path has advantages and disadvantages.

What is the demographic of your intended audience? To whom are you distributing your content? Who do you assist with your blog posts? It’s critical to know who you’re talking to when you’re creating blog articles!

Is the blog name you’re thinking about one you can develop with? “Mom of Two Littles” may seem charming today, but when your children are teens or you have three more children, the moniker will no longer ring true. Consider your future self in 5 years: where do you picture yourself? Is this a blog name you’ll be able to stay with?

You may use these suggestions to name your blog, or you can utilize a blog name generator.

ACTION STEP: Come up with a list of blog names. Look them up on social media, Google, and other search engines to ensure they are not already in use.

Creating your blog.

You can create a blog for as little as $100:

  • I suggest Siteground for hosting.
  • Domain registrar: I suggest GoDaddy.

To get started, choose a free theme. Your design won’t mean much until you start receiving traffic, which won’t happen until you have some fantastic content up!

Setting up a blog isn’t as difficult as you may assume. There are tutorials on YouTube that show you how to set up a WordPress blog on every host you can think of.

The next step in starting a blog is to start publishing material. What subject have you chosen for your blog? Why did you choose it? Delivering your enthusiasm for this subject via your blog articles is essential for rapidly building a following.

Keep your reader in mind whenever you create a blog post: how can you assist them today? I like creating articles that offer my readers (you!) tips and techniques because I know I can save you time, money, and effort if you learn from the errors I made along the way. Even better if you can provide a “shortcut” to your readers!

ACTION STEP: Choose a blog name, purchase a domain, and set up a self-hosted WordPress blog on a hosting service of your choice.


Create an email list.

While you should establish social media accounts, platforms change all the time, so if you have limited time and energy, it is preferable to spend your time and energy in creating great blog content and increasing your email list. You control your email list, while social media sites are owned by individuals like Mark Zuckerberg. Because you don’t control your social media accounts, and the algorithm may change at any time, it’s like constructing a home on sand instead of solid ground. It’s constantly volatile and unstable, and you never know when it’ll collapse.

Instead of depending on social media’s vagaries, create a few freebies and use them as opt-ins to get your readers on your email list. I can assure you that this strategy works!

ACTION STEP: Create an email list once you’ve written at least 15 blog articles. I suggest MailerLite since it is comparable to ConvertKit but at a much lower cost. If you need assistance setting up your mailing list, look for tutorials on YouTube or on the MailerLite website.


Become a partner.

This is where the true magic takes place. When you don’t have goods, making money with a blog typically consists of a combination of advertising, maybe a few sponsored articles, and affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is a simple method to earn money without creating your own product.

Where can you discover affiliates that are a good match for your brand?

Authenticity is the most essential aspect of affiliate marketing. Finding affiliates that pay well and share your brand’s beliefs and objectives may be challenging, but it’s not impossible. Spend some time looking for affiliates to advertise on sites like Awin and Shareasale.

Effective affiliate marketing entails more than just including an Amazon link or two in a blog article. You should develop cornerstone content that is simple to read, easy to distribute, and converts effectively.

Affiliate marketing is your golden ticket to generating numerous passive income streams without the need to promote your own product straight immediately. As a beginning blogger, you should concentrate on evergreen, shareable material that is beneficial to your readers. Working your affiliate articles into this structure is the key to increasing your blog’s revenue.

ACTION STEP: Identify three companies for whom you want to be an affiliate and apply to their affiliate programs. If you are authorized, create a useful blog article that encourages your readers to utilize the product or service you are advertising.

TIME REQUIREMENTS: Vary. Spend an hour at a time and concentrate!

Learn all there is to know about internet marketing.

I’m not talking about listening to spammy people; I’m talking about going deep and learning about blogging, email funnels, and affiliate marketing. YouTube is completely free, and you may learn almost everything you need to know on that site without paying a single penny.

Time is money, therefore if you have any extra cash, you can take some classes or purchase a few tools to assist you along your path, but you don’t have to.

Finally, your blog and affiliate marketing activities will be effective if you regularly produce useful material for your target audience. Sign up for the newsletter below if you have any questions about getting started. I’d be delighted to assist!

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