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Cheat code gig where you can make money by giving your opinion to challenging questions.

What is MindSumo?

MindSumo, which was founded in 2012 with funding from Google Ventures and other venture capitalists, allows you to make money online.

Anybody with a valid email address is welcome to participate. Students should use their school’s (.edu) address while registering.  You will be asked by companies to address real-world issues.

Clients pay a fee to MindSumo to submit challenges. Members of the website then submit solutions for the business to evaluate.

Facebook, Hulu, Amazon, and Microsoft are just a handful of the businesses that are posing problems for site visitors. The website has been utilized by over 75 Fortune 500 firms to solve business issues.

Businesses vs. Solvers

It may take up to two weeks for the host business to evaluate all of the answers once members have completed tasks. The winners will be informed through email, and their winnings will be paid out using the website’s payment system.

Companies utilize winning solutions in a variety of ways. If your suggestion is implemented, MindSumo will notify you.

Your solutions will be scrutinized for clarity and to see whether they meet the deadlines. 

The businesses use a 10-point scale to evaluate the solutions. A grade of 5 stars or less is given to solutions that do not answer problems. Five stars or fewer are given to answers that include incomplete ideas or grammatical mistakes. Unique ideas may get a two- to a five-star bonus.

Solve as many tasks as you can to make money online. Follow a business on MindSumo and answer the tasks they provide if you’re interested in working with them. If a business is interested in communicating with you, they will use SumoMail to contact you.

On the challenge page, you’ll find a short explanation of how to solve each task. A set of deliverables and criteria will outline the company’s expectations for a solution.

Their tagline ‘Bringing Cutting-Edge Concepts to the World’s Leading Brands!’ is fitting. So, if you are looking for a new way to make money online that allows you to express your opinions creatively then check out  MindSumo

Is mindsumo Legit?

Mindsumo is a legit website.

Yes, you can make money from Mindsumo! It doesn’t matter what your qualification is! You can make money from Mindsumo. If you’re an expert or have deep knowledge in a subject, then offer better insights to challenges. It’s also good for beginners with good basics under their belt.

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