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Cheat code gig: Mongools and affiliate marketing

This Cheat code gig is an easy way to make money online through a simple affiliate marketing program and using google. We will be using a great new site called Mangools. It is all about SEO and how improving optimization can improve traffic to your site.  

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What Is Mangools?

Mangools is an SEO software (a type of Digital Marketing tool) suite that’s made up of five apps:

  • KWFinder
  • SERPChecker
  • SERPWatcher
  • LinkMiner
  • SiteProfiler

When you log in to Mangools, you’ll see your dashboard page, and you can access each of the 5 apps through this page.

You also can see how many SERPs, keywords, and backlinks that you can look up under your current plan (some advance features are for premium plans).

KWFinder Keyword Research Tool

Mangools’ main feature is KFinder. And it is the most popular tool among individuals trying it for the first time. KW Finder works in a similar way to other keyword tools: Enter a term and see the associated statistics (such as search volume and CPC). Creative keywords as well as concepts

SERPChecker Keyword Difficulty Tool

SERPChecker is a comprehensive examination of a keyword’s SERPs. More features help you optimize your site for certain keywords. Besides just the usual things (such as a Term Difficulty score), you receive a complete analysis of every page that ranks for that keyword.

In other words, you may also see Page Authority, Majestic SEO Trust Flow, Alexa rank, and other metrics related to each page.

SERPWatcher Rank Tracker Tool

The only thing to say about the rank monitoring tool is that there just isn’t much to say. It’s not terrible. This app is just comparable to other rank trackers that already exist. You provide it a list of keywords similar to most rank trackers.

LinkMiner Backlink Analysis Tool

Unlike Moz, SEMrush and Ahrefs, Mangools doesn’t have its own link index. Instead, they use the Majestic SEO API.

SiteProfiler SEO Metrics Breakdown

Drop a domain into the tool and then get a bunch of metrics (like the number of backlinks and total Facebook shares) on that site.

Mangools Pricing

Here’s the pricing breakdown for each Mangools paid plan: pricing ranges from $30-$80/month.

You get access to the same features no matter what plan you go with. The only difference is the number of searches, SERP lookups, tracked keywords, and backlink rows that you can analyze.

Cheat Code Gig details: Affiliate marketing done right

Mangools has a great affiliate program. When you sign up (check the bottom of the website for the words ‘affiliate’) you will have to sign up and enter some basic information. Once you are given your affiliate link you will then be able to give the link away to get commissions back. Mangools states you can make upwards of +470 dollars in commission in a month. You will also get lifetime commissions as long as your referral is subscribed.

The great thing about referring customers to Mangools is that with the pandemic many new websites are popping up overnight. That means there is a near-endless flow of potential customers in need of the service.

Mangools is also cost-effective; therefore, most small businesses will find it an easy expense to add to their budget.

Search for a business in a given town

After you are affiliate marketing for Mangools, you want to use google to find small businesses in a given city. From the drop-down google provides scroll through the list of local businesses and click on the ones with websites. From there find the website’s contact information. When you are contacting the website owner explain to them the great points of Mangool and how it will benefit their website. In the end, leave your affiliate link before closing the email.

This Cheat Code Gig requires some effort since you have to look for websites that potentially may need SEO services but the likely hood for a lifetime payout makes it all worth it.

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